VHCLE “Love Games”

Not long after the day of love and friendship, VHCLE warns listeners of the dangers sneakily hiding within the rollercoaster known as love in their single,  ‘Love Games’.

The Jacksonville, Florida collective are keeping their promise by coming back less than a month after their debut! VHCLE, pronounced as “vehicle”, is a project made up by Kyle Piety as the composer, singer, lyricist, and producer; Chelsea Mikel as singer, songwriter, and lyricist; and third member Blind Bear as singer, songwriter, and lyricist. 

As they keep driving through the road formed by their own goals, VHCLE keeps perfecting the kingpin of the sonic playground that they’ve created and adapted to be able to completely capture their essence within their music. 

Love Games, released on the eighteenth of February, is the band’s follow up from their debut, ‘Dark Matter’, and the second installment of a current project that consists of releasing a new single every month up until their October album. The song went through many name changes at one point, with each member getting the opportunity to title it, before settling for a name that reflects the cruel playfulness our own emotions can attack us with. 

This time, female constituent Chelsea is not only a vocalist for the track but part of the instrumental as well. With an undisclosed amount of samples and later edited distortions, Chelsea’s singing is present throughout most of the song; a siren’s song, a haunting whisper, or hypnotizing words — her versatility presents itself in subtle ways, and although her adlibs and warped samples are not the highlights of the song, as they do not distract from the real verses, they are memorable enough that you’ll want to give the track an additional listen just to locate as many as possible. 

The recipient of the love being sung about in Love Games is deliberately kept vague, as VHCLE continues with the theme of allowing audiences to play their own meaning upon their lyrics. The collective confirmed so by stating: Love Games has infinite meanings. Some people put their love in selfless acts, relationships, drugs, money, sex, etc. We all share a different perspective with our lyrics.​​”

The music video backs up their stance, as it presents a multitude of visuals that allude to possible lovers without ever confirming or denying any of the possibilities. Their creativity is not bound to a specific art form, as they excel at transmitting their ideas both auditorily and visually. 

Official music video for “Love Games”

Though the collective shared that the recording process for this single was ongoing down to the very last week before its release, the track comes across as meticulously planned in the same way an experienced magician performs a trick in a seamless manner. Consistent at every second, with a natural progression, and containing their signature eclectic sound and energy, Love Games only adds onto the hype created by their debut, setting high expectations for the rest of the releases VHCLE has set out for this year. 

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