VHCLE “Dark Matter”

The dark horse of the winter, VHCLE, arrives at the scene with the thought provoking song, ‘Dark Matter’

Pronounced as “vehicle”, emerging music collective VHCLE is formed by three members. With Kyle Piety as the composer, singer, lyricist, and producer, Chelsea Mikel as singer, songwriter, and lyricist, and third member Blind Bear as singer, songwriter, and lyricist the collective brings together three different perspectives to form art that represents all of them. With their beginnings being in early 2021 (April), the trio now has been working on their music for around a year in order to be able to accomplish what they’ve set out to do this year.

Debuting in January, VHCLE has the ambitious goal of releasing a single every month for their first year as a collective, featuring several other artists, to finish the promising 2022 with a full album. 

This small group has big creativity and talent, enough to fill up a hypnotizing debut single by the name Dark Matter. The song was recorded in Kyle’s studio, with every step of the way — minus the graphics and logo, which was made by their close friends — was done by VHCLE themselves. 

Impactful from its very beginning, Dark Matter gives great insight into the band’s preferred sound and very core. As it starts off with ambiental sounds that bring listeners back to the beauty of content creation and seeing musicians perform live, VHCLE raises expectations high and proceeds to shock all ears with the suave rhythm of this noir rock track. 

The three vocalists seem to be completely different, yet their varying singing styles and pitches fit together like a puzzle. With the ever-changing beat that does not allow for a break and the equally mystifying lyrics, the single allows for the birth of a curiosity that won’t stop growing for as long as the song keeps going. 

Dark Matter was one of the first songs we recorded together,” The collective said when asked about what the track meant. “There’s a lot of different meanings throughout the track. Mysterious yet bold in its own way. Each of us put our own twist on the lyrics and just flowed into it.”

VHCLE also highlights certain parts of the lyrics,  specifically pointing out how the words “mini wiconi” means “water is life/water is alive” in the Navajo Indian language. Evidenced by this, and the rest of the lyrics, the words sung in Dark Matter are part of it for a specific reason. Though possibly vague or bewildering upon first listen, more time to examine and the lyrics added onto their Youtube video show a connection that is not visible at first glance. 

Official music video for VHCLE’s “Dark Matter”

Proving itself to be enjoyable throughout all said listens, the added meaning each listener attaches to the track gives it even more life. Like the movement of water, which touches everything it comes across with no boundaries, VHCLE and Dark Matter are on a peaceful rampage into people’s minds, allowing them to explore the dark thoughts occupying it to a greater degree. 

For those who are curious and want to continue this exploration with them, there will always be a comfortable seat in their vehicle and the music and disposition to take you along for the ride. 

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