Brick Blair- “Two Dollar Coat”

The newest single by American singer-songwriter Brick Blair “Two Dollar Coat” imagines a hypothetical scenario in which a man imagines himself of being alone and homeless. How would his life change? Would those around him even bother to see him eye to eye? Would someone help? Or are they only pretending to care? Brick Blair asks honest questions with depth with an effort to make us change how we see everyone that surround us.

“Two Dollar Coat” features a minimalistic approach. Brick Blair needs no more than his guitar and his voice to deliver a relatable, powerful message, inspired by classic acoustic singers such as Cat Stevens, John Price and albums such as Nebraska by Bruce Springsteen. As he plays calming chords, his almost soothing voice ask retorical questions about how we see people around us and if we truly are capable of offering any help. He creates an atmosphere of intimacy that guarantees an emotional connection with the thems of the song: as if we were singing alongside a campfire with a close friend.

But what really stands out of “Two Dollar Coat”, is Brick Blair’s talent of presenting complex ideas through music. At first, the track’s somber tone seems to reflect the situation of despair from the main character, but as the song progresses, we discover that in reality, the tone reflects the feelings of those around him, particularly, their indiference. Brick Blair makes us realize of our own wrongdoings: it is easier for us to ignore someone than to actually help.

“Two Dollar Coat” by Brick Blair is a track with deepness, both musically and thematically, a track that one must not miss out! The singer-songwriter is not afraid to ask heavy questions that aim to transform the listener’s worldview.

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