Winnie Ama “Here I Go”

While the world spins into the spiraling madness, anything that is able to charge you with positivity is dearly needed. Winnie Ama’s newest release can do exactly that – it’s a wonderful treat for anyone looking for lovely catchy vibes full of positivity!

The Belfast-born singer-songwriter Winnie Ama creates fresh r&b-influenced electronic pop full of silky smooth sounds and empowering messages for a better life. Her charming and beautiful voice and captivating songwriting have already caught attention with her debut single “What Are We“, which sparks with cinematic imagery and diary-like lyrics which sink into existential themes. Speaking of themes, the artist loves writing songs as a cathartic outlet as she feels writing her thoughts into a song allows her to express them more naturally and freely.

Here I Go” continues that line of personal thoughts turned highly relevant. The song’s soft optimistic feeling is immediately apparent in the laidback percussion and generally easy, upbeat synth-driven sound – all to help you find a better version of yourself. And while the single keep an uplifting vibe, it doesn’t become too sugary-sticky at that, as there’s a sense of clear-headed caution in the lyrics. The message, therefore, becomes even better at being an empowering force – keep a cool head as you learn to embrace yourself, overcome your fears and help others embrace themselves.

Smooth catchy sound, strong lyrics, and a great singing voice – this song has it all! A must for anyone who loves soulful singing and alt-pop music with genre-crossing influences.

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