This new single from British producer and composer, Kaysien presents a middle eastern vibe mixed with a downtempo attitude. “Bcrow” will make you bounce and bop as the neat vocals of Kaysien take you on a journey of the soul.

For this multi-instrumentalist, trauma can be a powerful thing. It can shape you and stick with you throughout your whole life. In this single, the London-based artist invites us to take control of negative experiences and shape them, as opposed to letting them change us.

Wrapped up with an “Egyptian attitude”, Kaysien wanted to go deeper into the musical territory and experimented with the sounds of the accordion and wooden flute. The result is a mystical ride of danceable beats, esoteric themes, and psychedelic vibes.

“BCrow” is the follow-up of Kaysien’s 10 part journey crafted over the last 2 years: The BC Chronicles (a journey of creative exploration).

Created in late 2019, Kaysien is the artist’s way to channel self-expression, influenced by the human condition, philosophy, the esoteric, family, groove, and honesty. His music is an invitation to move and dance while still looking inward and re-connecting with our truest selves.

Kaysien is on a mission to help us heal past trauma in “BCrow” and does so with its graceful and airy melodies strengthened by his eloquent vocals and elegant lyrics.

“It is my belief that Rhythm, Melody & Harmony are integral aspects of what it means to be human and as a multi-instrumentalist (Kaysien plays Bass, Drums, Piano, Guitar, Flute & Percussion) I constantly question the connection between them, our nature and the world we live in” – KAYSIEN

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