Iann Brennan – “Mission To Mars”

Dublin artist, Iann Brennan takes us on a trip to outer-space with his explosive, energetic single, “Mission To Mars“. An Indie Rock tune that elevates us to cosmic landscapes.

As a follow up single to Iann’s debut album, Mission To Mars explores a brand new world where emotions thrive continuously as the beat of the drum keeps hitting fiercely and with no hold backs. Written backstage at a theatre in Ireland before a show, supporting Declan O’Rourke, Iann imagined a place where he was king.

The essence behind the song is about wanting to get to a certain place in your life and stopping at nothing to get there. With a powerful, atmospheric entrance, Iann launches us into light-speed with a massive kick, skipping hi-hats and a four chord piano progression. His vocals are inviting and personal, taking us with him in his heroic mission.

When the pandemic hit I took the opportunity to finish the song and get it recorded. We recorded it in March, I had the song recorded, mixed, mastered and had the video done all within a week which is quite crazy to be honest.” – Brennan

As the song advances, the not-so-subtle changes smack right in our face with a go-for-it attitude. With just a bit of aggression the bass makes its appearance and melodic guitars fill the spaces with echoes and warm reverbs.

We reach our destination after a few bumps and forced landing, but the finale settles us down, safely, in the big red rock. Iann’s intentions for “Mission To Mars” was to give it an anthemic stadium filling sound, and we think he nailed it.

The song was number 1 in the Irish iTunes charts upon release and remained in the charts for a number of weeks.

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