Mariya May “Made Of Stars”

Everything lives, everything dies. Sometimes it’s hard to come to terms with the fact no-one, especially the loved ones, live forever. It’s the love and memories that don’t die, the deep connection beyond physical plane that we grasp onto.

Mariya May, a singer-songwriter running an indie-folk with her signature heartwarming presence, is a resident of Ten Dollar Recording Co. And a very active one at that. She is a keen on collaborating with label mates as she is on creating her own open- hearted, lively and cinematic sound, and her catalogue is quite awe- inspiring as a result. It would be difficult to try and categorise her music, but who needs to do that anyway – the spiralling echoing textured songs sound as close to the soul as the themes her bold voice unravels. Topics of love, loss, remembrance, trust and many more facets of a human being are explored with care and utmost dedication.

“I always hope new listeners find my music compelling and uplifting. I want to build a connection and make people feel something.”

Mariya May

Speaking of loss, that’s the theme of “Made Of Stars“, one of the artists newest singles. The song stands out immediately with how soft and caressing it sounds, swaying in beat and filling with cozy warmth as her voice speaks the tone of a loving mother, all too familiar with the pain of loss herself and seeking to offer comfort and solace to her child. The song sways like a gigantic calm ocean or a large tree, ageless and wise, and the psyche-influenced guitar melodies hold a sweet contrast with her vocals, bringing out that intimate golden sheen. The lyric line that says “We are made of stars” holds an especially true feeling, just because how timeless the song and especially her voice sounds. So even if everyone will fade away when their time comes, the solace of a deeper connection, sweet memories and never-ending love remain.

“My youngest daughter sometimes struggles with the finite nature of our human lives, and the idea that she and everyone she loves will someday die. “Made of Stars” is a response to that lingering shadow, a reminder that within us we hold an infinite connection to all of existence. We are literally made up of stardust that has traveled for billions of years, and through knowing this, we can grasp the concept that we can never truly cease to exist. Yes, this life as we know it will end, but there’s no escaping it, so you might as well enjoy it best ya can, and remember to hold on to that which keeps us connected.”

Mariya May

The future of Marya May and the label she calls home promises to be busy with plenty of exciting things. New music, new artists, and a lot to look forward to, as she says, giving some insight to what is coming:

“I just put out some Mariya May singles, and plan on doing more solo releases in 2022, and my band What In Your Heart Can Put You in a Trance has a new single coming out soon called “A Midnight So Sweet”. I had the honor of recording some guest vocals and flute on an album by Tobias Berblinger called “The Luckiest Hippie Alive”, put out by my label Ten dollar Recording Co., that is being reissued this year on vinyl! The TDRCo. label has also begun releasing material by a new band from Portland, Oregon that I’m really stoked about called Step Into The Kitchen, and there’s more great music on the way from them.”

Marya May

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