An astonishing new single by this recently formed duo has been released and with it comes a futuristic pop vibe that washes us away with powerful synths and memorable vocal harmonies. Listen right now to “I Love This Place“!

I must say I’m amazed! This brand new track by the promising duo My Friend The Chimpanzee comes with a fresh, unique and very original vision. As for all the songs of this Austrian Electro-Pop duo, this song was inspired by literature work. In this case, the play “No Exit” of Jean-Paul Sartre.

Founded in 2018, “My Friend The Chimpanzee” is the ongoing collaboration between producers Josef Umschaid (drums and fx) and Lukas Wieser (strings and synths) from Vienna/Austria

This is the second single by MFTC so far, following the release of their debut track Time Traveller. What a marvelous experience from the beginning! A massive low synth hits us in the chest right after the retro-sounding, 8-bit, synth lead presents the intro. Bass after bass, this track is a low-end fantasy.

Atmospheric, playful and punchy, the beat is like a trip to a digital dimension and vocals receive us with a warm low vibration and thought-provoking, personal lyrics. The meaning behind them is the contrast between the love we have for this Earth, and the disapproval of all the destruction that humans create.

“Even though at times people turn earth into hell for each other, there is no place we’d rather be. The lyrics contrast our love for this world and all the beautiful things in it with the revulsion we feel for the violence and destruction caused by humans.” – MFTC

My Friend The Chimpanzee’s music is as unique and amusing as their name. With an ever increasing beat of the kick, this track transforms, slowly but steadily, into an explosion of massive vocals and synths that’ll make you fall right off your chair!

Recorded in Josef Umschaid’s home studio in Vienna/Austria. Josef Umschaid and Lukas Wieser were involved in production. Mixing and mastering was done by Cohen Yusha.

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