This Polish artist is delivering one of the most innovative hip-hop tunes of today. His cinematic beats are something to check out! Listen right now to “Soul Search“.

Hip-Hop has evolved so much that it’s hard not coming across a new variant today, but none make it like Lucas Burn. Making use of cinematic sounds and orchestra, this upcoming artist is on a mission to make the best music possible and he’s ready to release it out there.

“Soul Search” is an introspective hip-hop track that opens up with a low bass and smooth pad, the beat kicks immediately, catching us by surprise, as Lucas’ verses follow. The trilling, trap-like hi-hats provide the groove while a vocal sample dances in the background providing the melody.

Rising violin sounds make way for the chorus to hit, and a female vocal sample appears to create the mix between Lucas’ words and the atmosphere of the beat. Being Polish, Lucas has a very distinctive accent, making his rap unique and quite charming. “Soul Search” is all about finding oneself.

“It was Saturday. I sat down and started making the beat. The main idea was to make a soulful hip-hop track. So, I have started with vocals, laid them down together to make that particular vibe. It already sounded interesting to me. Then, I made the beat around it. I added a strings line. Yeah, it was essential for me because I’m in love with strings.” – Lucas Burn

As a hardworking performer, Lucas learned music production within a year. Today he has polished his craft to create his unique, niche, style of cinematic rap, with inspiration from prodigious rap artists like Eminem, Logic, and NF.

I feel like I need to get my hands into music production as I’m doing it in a way that nobody else does, and I love doing that. My music is filled up with cinematic sound spaces. I would say: “I don’t make bangers, I make blockbusters”.” – Lucas Burn

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