SWEET GIANT – “Til You’re Blue”

This track takes us on a trip across the desert, to a place where flowers grow as tall as you, and the sun warms you with a soft kiss. “Til You’re Blue” is a perfect blend between intimate and anthemic, an exciting and welcoming track that nourishes with its good mellow vibe. For fans of Creedence Clearwater, Mazzy Star, Fleetwood Mac.

That’s it my friends, today you’re in for a treat. UK trio, Sweet Giant (FKA Big Peyote) is glazing our ears with their brand new, western-like, single. A perfect dose of dusty guitars, warm/fuzzy bass, and a laid-back beat of the drums.

“Til You’re Blue” creates a sensation of being blissfully lost in a beautiful desert. Created by Annie Needham (guitars / lead Vocals), Marco Briatore (drums / vocals), and Nick Morgan (bass), this trio complement each other so well that their music feels as a wonderful whole.

Annie’s vocals are so nice, chanting with a heart-warming spirit proper of the most loving shaman, and Nick and Marco blend so well is almost unbelievable. This track opens up their new EP, titled as same as this single, which was produced and recorded entirely by them, mixed by Callum Barter (Courtney Barnett/ Kurt Vile), and mastered by John Davis.

‘Til You’re Blue’ is a laid-back sunny day song. A feel good energy perfect for a road trip. The guitars are rooted in the 70s with a country twang following a casual dolewave groove, uplifting yet easy going. Lyrically honest and cheeky, It’s the ‘don’t worry, keep moving’ attitude for when things aren’t going your way.” SG

The song moves in positive directions, verses and choruses keep on blessing us with its uplifting vibe. Your ancestors hold you near as they whisper “move on, it’s going to be alright”. Such a blessing, such a warming experience. Give it for the Sweet Giant!

‘These songs are the product of the time we spent together between the same four walls of the studio during lock-down. That room became a second home and a safe space. I think we grew a lot during that time in terms of our sound and the vibe we wanted to create. I really struggled with life coming to a stand-still during the pandemic and learnt a lot about myself that I don’t think I realised when I was busy all the time. I’m really proud of what we created during that time’ – Annie

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