This single makes us questions the “social media celebrity” concept and the fame that comes with it. Is it worth it? Do you really want the Fame? Highly explosive and with a mean beat, this track is an excellent rock and roll venture for all you fanatics out there.

Feel Trip has been around for a while now, but guess what, this is their first single release ever!! Congratulations!! “Fame” had always been the closing track in their live sets, and fans were always asking them to record it and put it on platforms. Well, here it is!

Fame” comes with the unique and fresh energy of this four musicians from Vancouver, BC. A mean drum kick and a tight snare deliver the up-tempo beat of the track. Crunchy guitars fill the sides with an energetic riff that makes you shake your head, and the bass moves with the consistency and powerful pace of an industrial machine.

Lyrics are quirky, delivered with a very energetic yelling inspired by bands like King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard, The White Stripes, and The Ramones. After the obligated second chorus, a western/psychedelic-like bridge rides fiercely and with no shame, the guitar solo cries loudly onto the thunderous finale.

They all initially got together (all friends prior) in 2018 to jam at Soundhouse Studios for recreational purposes, covering other band’s music. It didn’t take long until they began writing original material and live appearances started to happen.

What first time listeners can expect from our music is high energy, unique, quirky, hard hitting rock, with fun/positive undertones. It’s never been an inclination of ours to spread any serious/political messages – we’re just having fun, and we want the audience to as well.” – FEEL TRIP

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