Couvo “Tired”

Couvo asks whoever is out there listening if they’ve ever gotten ‘Tired’ of the routine, provoking deep thoughts about how we live life compared to how we want to live life. 

Josh Couvares, known as Couvo, is a Brooklyn-based singer and songwriter who’s grasped how to place his entire soul into a track, making every listening experience a heart wrenching one that won’t leave your mind for quite a while. Whether it’s fast or slow, more rock or indie influenced, his discography is truly human and at its heart, full of an admirable simplicity. 

The artist is currently working on releasing one song per month. The singles are all part of an upcoming album and deal with a variety of topics, from people being broke and jobless, anxious and aimless, to dulling their days in dead-end relationships. The project has been mixed by Charlie Stavish (Jenny Lewis, Interpol, Weezer) and mastered by Alex DeTurk (David Bowie, D’Angelo and the Vanguard, Norah Jones).

As an EP containing his new release alongside the two first singles that came out during January and February, Tired brights forth the third installment to be part of the artist’s plan to make 2022 the year of Couvo. For the month of March, he is bringing at full force the feelings of boredom, exhaustion, and the bittersweet feeling of the end of a day and the crossing over into the night. 

Writing an album centered around the concept of hole we try to fill in with hopes that tomorrow will be better, Couvo dives headfirst into this tiring mindset by asking: what if there’s no tomorrow? 

“For most of us, we’re still waiting for that tomorrow. And to me, that sounds a lot like purgatory,” the artist said. 

Tired arrives quietly, like someone dragging themselves to their couch after a tired day at work. Following the more fast paced and energetic Visiting Hours and Horses & Divorces, the third single is what it feels like once you’ve used up your energy somewhere else and feel in desperate need to recharge.  With jazz elements that start off as a trumpet reminiscing on the past, and a guitar and vocals that lament the wasted years, the song encompasses the contradicting thoughts humans have on life. 

The six minute track is a remarkable experience all around, yet it truly shines through near the ending, when a sudden intermission hits the song at maximum force, making it go from a melancholic tune to an overwhelming rush of confusion and exasperation til the storm passes by and we’re left with the remnants of sadness and hope that we were previously with. When the drums speed up and Couvo chants “don’t know, don’t know” over and over, we are reminded of how life can often be too much, can demand too much for us. And after it leaves us to be, we’re left behind battered up and even more tired than before… yet happy that we managed to pull through. 

The Drinks Are Always Free in Purgatory, or what we have of it so far, is best enjoyed all together, yet there is something special in each track that makes dissecting and giving all three an individual listen something so fun. With Couvo, you won’t ever had a moment of boredom.  

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