Dizzy Panda “Panda Points”

It’s album time! But before we move on to the artist, here’s a little outtake from Urban Dictionary:
“Panda points refer to the number of months you haven’t had sex. Each month you don’t have sex you earn a panda point. Whenever one has collected twelve panda points it will make him panda of the year.”
Now, with this cleared up, it’s time to introduce Dizzy Panda!

Dizzy Panda is a tireless duo from Netherlands, an electronic music project that found its start in curiosity and passion, and its center in the black and white colors of pandas. While embracing the light and dark sides of themselves – symbolised by the panda masks – their music is not as simply black and white. Refusing to sit in one genre box, the project attracts influences from everywhere around them, taking great joy blending trip-hop, rock, pop, experimental, jazz and much more into their own sound. While the duo is quite fresh, their hard work has paid off and taken shape of a debut LP!

Titled “Panda Points“, the album contains 15 songs with each coming with their own little story and resulting panda points. There’s a lot of growling darkness running throughout the album, giving the songs depth and their tales a grim feeling of no hope.

The album begins with a dark gnarly trip-hope tune “Take Your Soul” inspired by killer clowns. Spiced up with chainsaw-like revving sounds and gloomy death-calling vocals, the song makes for a perfect beginning for a dark and atmospheric release.

That eases over into a more rock-influenced rhythmic and at the same time very subtle “I Want My Baby”, equally as murderous and terrifying as the first, but in its own way. This song is Billie Eilish gone rogue, with no way back. The album is not entirely as murderious though, as there is plenty of room for desire as depicted in “Whimsical Neighbor”, sad emotional puddles of “Feeling Grey” and rather inspiring “I Do Not Follow”, a song highlighting choosing your own path.

Trip hop vibes continue through the album, with the swooping “Next Step” featuring sexy vocals with that lethal edge, extraterrestrial “The Call Up On Me” with undeniably groovy synths that dive under the floor to rattle the bass and the flooding “Crazy” that swims in the rather indescribable feelings of no love. “Emergency Warning” comes bringing a change of wind – it’s a gloomy and wobbly pop-influenced song with an uneasy dream-state feeling. The influences of dreams and heavy experimentalism continues in the John Lennon-inspired “Before 10”, feeling the warped fragmented daydream realms happening to those who wish a lot, but don’t do much.

One song in particular comes as a wake up message touching the theme of suicide. “Blame Me”, a song inspired by a Japanese forest known as the Sea of Trees, is a sorrowful song highlighting the need to stay in touch with someone who might be falling under.

“We have worked on this album for almost 2 years. In this period we had to learn everything from scratch. We didn’t have any experience in the music industry. Didn’t know how to use the DAW. Didn’t know anything about mixing, mastering. Learned a lot from other Indies and learned how to use AI and video editing to create our videos. We are proud to be where we are today, but still have to learn a lot. There will be a Panda Bonus Points EP soon and are working on some cool collaborations.”

Dizzy Panda

The last song of the album is a jazzy warm sunny tune standing with a strong contrast with the rest of the album, and for a reason. “Havana Syndrome” provides a taste of what Dizzy Panda’s future is going to bring, and that will be another album!

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