Little Sister evokes the feelings of wanting to be something more, to shine with one’s own light, instead of living in the shade of others’. Ainsley Costello screams from the top of her lungs in this new, Pop Rock single that captivates us with its relatable message.

Written in a format that appears to be a letter to her big sister, Ainsley Costello lets us know her struggles of being “the little sister”. A very talented young musician (only 17) with already a lot of background on her career found herself lost at the expectations everyone had on her, even herself.

Not knowing who she was under a tidal wave of unrealistic images and lifestyles portrayed by social media, influencers and superstars, Ainsley had to take a trip of self-knowing and create a unique essence of her own.

With “Little Sister”, the singer-songwriter wants to shed a light in the unhealthy expectations social media has created in the youth for them to live up to. But not only social media, even a family member or someone you look up to.

We all have someone in our lives, whether it’s a sibling figure or even just a role model that we look up to. I see it all the time in myself and my friends, the extremely negative loop we create in our heads that we will never and can never live up to the impossible standards that social media creates.” – Ainsley Costello

The track is a pure Pop Rock track that wraps us in a huge wall of sound of high-gained guitars, driving bass and smashing drums. Ainsley’s vocals and lyrics are honest and heartfelt, crying out her most deep feelings and exposing them out into the light. The song is masterfully arranged and carries with it an anthemic sound that will make you wanna sing out loud along with Ainsley. All in all, “Little Sister” has a captivating spirit and raises the question if influencers and superstars are actually a good influence to this young, growing children.

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