This Salt Lake City artist takes us back to the 80’s with his brand new, synth-pop single. “Everything” is a retro-feeling track that shines with its honesty and humanity, an up-beat song that infects us with its groove and takes us on a ride across neon city lights.

Blondeking is a solo project created in 2017 by Thomas, a songwriter who was comfortable being in the background. While he was writing songs for the band he was in, another frontman was doing all the singing. But soon, Thomas felt the pull to keep creating music and found it easier to sing his songs himself.

In “Everything”, Blondeking delivers an unintended 80’s sound that would fit today if the 80’s would have just kept going. Blondeking’s approach to making music is to create songs that fit in that Alternative, New Wave sound of that era.

Stepping out of his comfort zone, Thomas discovered that he was not a strong singer, but still kept pushing through to satiate his innate need to create and communicate. Making use of low volume singing, a good dose of auto-tune and a lot of takes to get the pitch right, Thomas achieved just what he wanted: A great 80’s feeling, New Wave track. I think he nailed it!

His singing is great, I believe, and the composition is infectious, it may well not fit in today’s Pop standard but who gives a f*ck?

When I wrote this song, I was struggling a little bit in my career. I had been doing really great and was on a team I loved. But after we got acquired the working environment became unbearable. Dishonesty, politics, and a mean-spirited environment erupted around me and I felt this immense pressure to push through it all. It was soul-crushing and difficult to step into day in and day out through long hours and tons of travel.” – Blondeking

Luckily, Thomas had someone in his life who helped and supported him all the way through his struggles, eventually stepping out and washing it all away. It’s thanks to this mental challenge that “Everything” was born, and it’s an audio log of his ability to overcome both outside and inside battles.

“I was told recently that a lot of my songs would never have been good enough for mainstream MTV back in the day but there are quite a few songs that would have fit on the 120 Minutes from the mid-80s. That makes me happy to hear.” – Blondeking

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