BREGN “Dreaming”

Recently I had a nightmare, which aside of ruining my morning, made me wish it was possible to just avoid it. Somehow guide my dreams around such things. Being in such a vulnerable position to creations of my own subconscious feels rather harrowing for that reason. Fortunately music comes along to ease the pain, and today’s song comes about as a perfect consolidation for those troubled by nightmares!

Jonas Mikkelson, a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Denmark, creates soulful and fresh folk music under his BREGN moniker. Spinning gentleness, slight hint of psychedelia, and soft-spoken stories together with inspirations from artists like Nirvana, The Velvet Underground and The Beach Boys, his music becomes medicine for those seeking for soothing vibes, an experience for people loving ethereal lively folk, and a vessel for sometimes indescribable emotions embedded deep within.

His newest release walks into the dream realms of a person who has just been shaken up by a nightmare. Aptly titled “Dreaming“, the song has power behind its gentle sunny guitars and his sweet vocals. Ethereal and sparkly like a summer morning dew, the distressing dark remnants from a nightmare get swept away as the song hears the strong inner plea to not see another nightmare. It’s an emotional boost, a promise of better things and a shield from dream-realm troubles, and a beautiful hopeful folk song that soars into the sky with its charge of positivity.

“There’s so much going on so fast these days. Only 10% of our brain capacity is available when being awake (in the moment) and there’s a huge leftover of brain processing from all the info flowing through our heads during the day. It is pretty amazing but also pretty scary at times. Sometimes dreaming turns into nightmares. “Dreaming” is a song for a person close to me promoting emphasis on nice dreams because I do care about the person and that I am just there for hen. (hen = Swedish for both he and her just to promote this also).

I want to promote focus on the “wants” and not the “escape froms”.

I must say I became really sad recently when a nightmare actually turned out worse than my imaginative abilities. I really want to promote peace and non-violence. Sometimes that will take one to be naive and dare to dream and then take these dreams about peace into actions.”


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