Elina Filice “Don’t Let Me Fall”

Love, it’s this beautiful thing that people want to experience the most in their lifetime. But when the person that you care about so much ends up being in a mental downward spiral and holds onto you as a life jacket, you really start to feel the damned side of it.

That’s the story of Elina Filice’s newest single “Don’t Let Me Fall“, a poppy yet notably grim song, (way different from the previous track that we have her here with Let’s Get Lost). Spoken through the mind of a person witnessing their loved one being so broken, the lyrics illuminate the heavy thoughts with clarity. While the story is really dark, with one part highlighting the ultimatums given by the broken side, the song keeps you on the move with its catchy beat that drops into halftime during the verses and speeds up for chorus. Echoing guitar melodies and synths build up along with the emotions and fill up the emotional void with something that sounds extremely catchy and feels like hope somewhere in the dark.

“We’ve all been in the situation or know someone who’s been in a relationship or friendship where someone is relying on you for their stability. It’s incredibly scary being stuck in a dark tango with someone who you care for but are unable to help. What they threaten to do if you leave them leads to a toxic and painful cycle.”

Elina Filice

Elina Filice is a Canadian singer-songwriter and rapper who loves to create story-telling music with a lot of soul. She’s not sticking to a specific genre, making her discography a colorful and diverse selection of moods and melodies, all of which are united by her driving signature soulful energetic feeling. Being a strong-hearted supporter of queer rights and visibility, music holds an especially huge significance as a uniting force that extends beyond spoken languages.

With her newest single, the artist reaches out to people in shattered relationships, giving a lot to think about and a dose of energy to carry on to the next day. As someone who used to have a relationship with someone who clinged onto me like a drowning person, I’m glad this topic found such a carrying song to raise more attention on this matter.

“My plans for 2022 are to keep pushing my boundaries in terms of my style and sound, refusing to get stuck in a genre. This will be in the form of some fun singles. I also just released Drop Rocket (through my company Red Vine Records). It’s project management software for independent artists releasing new music. So I’ll be spreading the word about that!”

Elina Filice

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