Elison- “Little Lies”

Elison is back again after the release of their successful second release “Hopes and Horoscopes” this time with a single with “Little Lies”: a dreamy love song that surrounds the listener with an ethereal sound. Echoey and mystical, “Little Lies” cements the sound Elison has being working on since their debut, marking an exciting future for the American duo.

Elison is made up of Marisa Kephart and Scott Yoshimura. Their debut “Meet Me Halfway” gained the attention of various music publications, including this blog. While it was an experiment in the approach they decided to tackle to their sound, it proved to be a successful one since from the their very first release Elison proved that they already had a characteristic, complex sound. The aforemetioned second release “Hopes and Horoscopes” recieved even more attentions from critics and fans alike and put them into the spotlight.

“Little Lies” is a multi-layered track. Its complexity derives on the distinct layers by which the music flows to present a rich soundscape. Echoes and delays, alongside the ethereal vocals and the ghostly synths work together in an immersive manner, allowing the listener to dive right in. Kephart soothing vocals enhance the experience with an emotional performance. She goes all the way, fully exploiting her voice. Listening to Elison feels as we were floating at the open sea and letting the waves guide deeper and deeper into a dream.

“Little Lies” is a daydream. Elison surprises us once again with their mastery of creation of immersive soundscapes that fully engulf the listener. This new release proves to be an unmissable track to old and new fans, as the duo proves to be a force to be reckoned with.

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