Harri Mason – “Shadows”

Harri Mason takes us on a very personal and introspective journey in her brand new album “Shadows“. An 11 track collection of chilled folk songs filled with vulnerability and struggle, but the conviction to step up and fight against one’s own darkness.

Mason sings with a unique voice in a way that’s both intimate and powerful. This 11 tracks are beautifully composed and written with the heart. Since the start, the album speaks of regret, loneliness, acceptance, self-love and ultimately realizing everything is ok.

A choice of acoustic elements like guitar, pianos, double bass and even violins are mixed together with electric ones that span from synths and electric pianos. The concept is clear and concise: be kind to yourself, accept your flaws. We all have darkness.

“Welcome To My World” opens the album, and quickly presents the lines that will follow. A sincere atmosphere. A struggling individual trying to find its way through the dark. Benevolence, compassion, overcoming and enduring life’s challenges, both outside and inside.

The single “Moonlight”, just like the latter, received radio play on BBC Radio Bristol as well as many other local and online stations. The softness of Mason’s compositions are so familiar, that instantly become relatable and speak to you in a lot of ways.

Influenced by Fleetwood Mac and Bruce Springsteen, Mason has a story-telling ability that not only rests in her lyrics, but in her guitar work as well in tracks like “Headlights” and “Doubts”. The addition of strings give the album a much more emotional vibe and make of it an amazing listening experience.

The album was recorded online between Mason and Adam Griffiths while on lockdown, sending each other emails back and forth. Of 20 songs initially written, only 11 made the cut. The result is spectacular.

I strongly suggest to listen to this track. “If you’re feeling low right now, it will get better” – Harri Mason

We invite you to treat yourself listening to this album. Beautiful vocal harmonies and heart-warming melodies are waiting for you in tracks like “Ordinary People” and the encouraging closing track, “Rise”.

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