Mulberry & Grand- “Round, The World Keeps Spinning Round”

Mulberry & Grand’s newest single, “Round, The World Keeps Spinning Round” fully embraces the existencial dread that is life. Humankind has found itself with its back against the wall, with everything else is crumbling down. But instead of drowning despair, the LA based singer-songwriter finds a ray of hope. People may adapt and evolve to continue, or vanish forever. Either way, the world would continue.

Mulberry & Grand is the artistic name of singer-songwriter, composer and designer Jack Arky. Growing up in New York, he chose the name as a tribute for the Little Italy intersection where he lived during his 20’s. Mulberry & Grand aims to expand the classical folk sound and to turn it into something mystical and expansive, as we can hear with “Round, The World Keeps Spinning Round”. Written and performed by Mulberry & Grand, he is joined by his former bandmates from his previous band The Coals, Jason Mandell and Justin Smith, alongside Geoff Matoon at the saxophone.

The song was inspired by a quote I heard a famous astro-physicist say in regards to climate change “The world will still be here….WE may not be” (I’m paraphrasing). And that just got me thinking about how that is nothing new: creatures have gone extinct on this planet before…and ironically it is their bones that are the stuff that has created our predicament. The difference being, we have the power of reason, of thought, to change course before it’s too late. But do we have the will? Either way, the world will go on spinning, with or without us. –Mulberry & Grand

How can we feel as we go down on a downwards spiral, slowly losing our senses while we cannot escape? What if this descent has no end at all? Mulberry & Grand has achieved with “Round,…” this sensation. While at first the single starts in a calm manner, as if we were calmly floating in space, the track starts losing control. More instruments join and become dissonant, the saxophone solo takes the center stage and guides and startles our senses, while the vocals continue to sing calmly. We feel as we are getting sucked to a black hole. As if the world was ending in front on our eyes. And yet, there is a ray of hope. By the end of the single, calmness is achieved once again. Was it because we escaped our fate, or was it because we disappeared. We may never know, as the world continues to spin…

“Round, The World Keeps Spinning Round” is an existential song that makes the listener lose their senses to its soundscape. While at first it may feel as a pessimistic track, it hides a tiny bit of hope in it. Mulberry & Grand can achieve complex sensations and ideas through music alone. Do not miss this experience.

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