Ten Avatars “Close To You”

Are you a fan of electronic music looking for something moody, electrifying and fresh? If yes, then you’re in luck – Ten Avatars, the electronic music alias of Rain Martin, has just released his newest single and it’s nothing short of soaring!

Hearing the lyrics and the song’s driving speed through nocturnal planes, it’s not surprising to learn that the artist is also a pilot. Titled “Close to You“, the single sounds exactly like flying in nighttime, seeing golden chains of lights illuminating cities down under. There’s also a huge load of passion behind the Lorah’s emotionally charged singing voice, further influenced by popping instrumentals. It’s quite a journey as a result, a story of being in love and perhaps one of the most fitting soundtracks for lovers living on separate continents. When you board a plane, having a destination even clearer than that of the plane’s pilot, the excited love-fuelled song just makes sense. And knowing how love is, its unstoppable force shines through the flying freedom in the single.

"Don't give up on your dreams" Ten Avatars

“Close To You” is the second single for Ten Avatars, the alias that saw its beginning in 2019 with debut single “Get Me High”. Both songs were co-produced with Rain Martin’s best friend, composer Iván Torrent. The artist himself found his passion in music back when he was a kid, driving him on to start producing electronic dance music in his home studio and becoming a sound engineer. That unmistakable freshness present in “Close To You” can easily be attributed to the fact he loves to experiment with different influences, finding the most soul-elevating fusions. What also needs mentioning is that with the debut of his Ten Avatars alias, Rain also founded the West Barcelona recording studio.

With spring and warmer nights on the way, Ten Avatar’s new single will definitely find its place in many new romances waiting to bloom!

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