Alex Cherney – “Vibe Of Love”

Vibe Of Love is a Jamaica-infused reggae that takes us back to its roots. Inspired by the one and only, Bob Marley, this single is all about love, sunshine, and feeling. Listen right now to the new single by Alex Cherney!

Alex Cherney really gave it all for this track. Made in collaboration with multi-million stream instrumental duo “The Brothers Nylon”, this brand new single is a vibrant musical experience inspired by the Jamaican legends who left us a legacy that won’t die.

Vibe Of Love” has everything that you’d expect from a reggae track: Subby bass lines, scatting guitar chords, brass and a laid-back beat of the drums that captivates us with a wonderful mix of percussions. Alex sings about love, everyday, all day, and as he does, harmonies support him in the background with a precise delivery, adding even more to the up-lifting vibe.

Not really much left to say, just listen to the track and experience the Vibe Of Love.

This is the lead single off his upcoming album “Cruise Control”, and it was recorded in a span of 14 days in The Brother’s Nylon analog studio in Long Island, NY, on a reel-to-reel player in 2021. The album will have an exclusive release on vinyl (which is already being shipped, so be sure to get it soon!).

If you don’t mind waiting, one song of the album will be released digitally each month in track order!

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