Allie Lune – “Lo Siento, No Estoy”

This Spanish-Colombian artist invites us to her world filled with rich Pop sounds, youthful melodies and lyrics from the heart. Written completely in Spanish, “Lo Siento, No Estoy” is Allie Lune’s second single release of fresh Pop qualities.

Writing music since she was a teenager, Allie has a way of making music that’s wholesome and charming in her own way. Her voice delivers a lovely and sweet vibe and her music reflects all of that. Raised in a multi-cultural household, her influences span from George Harrison to Natalia Lafourcade, and the Indie-Pop scene in Spain.

Despite of the track’s playful vibe, the song is actually Allie’s message to someone who made her mad, letting him/her now she’s angry and doesn’t wanna see him/her today, maybe tomorrow. In a cute, almost sassy way, Lune propels us into a dancing Pop beat that shines with its simplicity and juvenile personality.

I wrote this song as a way to channel my feelings of anger and resentment because I always struggle with those emotions the most. – Allie Lune

For the artist, writing this track was her way for telling herself that it’s okay to feel that way, it’s normal but it’s also temporary. “You can still love someone and be a little upset with them.“, Allie thinks, and I agree! She intended that the listener felt happier at the end of the track, than when they hit that play button, just like she did after finishing the song.

Something I would tell people who don’t know me is: welcome! All my music is written directly from my heart and with the hope that I can help someone who relates to my songs feel like they are not alone.” – Allie Lune

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