Bite The Boxer- “Forgotten”

Music has the ability to completely surround us with an atmosphere of dreamlike quality: it can makes us dream with our eyes open. This experience is what happens when we hear Bite The Boxer’s newest single, “Forgotten“. Its dark and rich sound instantly transports us to a faraway place. A place that engulfs us in its surroundings, maybe identifiable, yet completely new.

Photos by James Hughes

Bite The Boxer is the stage name of Matt Park. What started as an indie rock group transformed into a one man show that specializes in various genres such as trip-hop, synthwave, ambient and lo-fi, inspired by the likes of The National, Portishead, The XX and Royksopp. Bite The Boxer has released a number of works under his name, from which the EP A Stream Becomes a River stands out. “Forgotten” is his newest single. As its name suggest, this track was forgotten when it was saved in the wrong folder and found months later. To the artist’s surprise, “Forgotten” was a single that could stand on its own. Finding it again was like finding diamonds in a gold mine.

I write a lot of music live on Twitch streams, which has really helped me over-thinking about stuff, it encourages me to trust my instinct and go with my gut because if people are watching, they won’t want to watch me scroll through different synth sounds and go over the same part over and over again. This song (‘Forgotten’) was the first one in a string of singles which will be coming out this year that I worked on but I accidentally saved it in the wrong folder on my computer and it got lost for a few months, hence the name. When I eventually tracked it down and listened to it for the first time in ages I was actually blown away by it, I knew I had to finish it and get it out there. –Bite The Boxer

“Forgotten” is a lush, atmospheric single that instantly makes us recall its inspirations. It is a chill track with a heavy athmosphere and beautiful vocals. Its synths and vocals contribute to create an atemporal atmosphere that may as well be from an 80’s sci-fi movie, but its modern production makes it clear that it is a single that is only possible to create with modern day technology. “Forgotten” makes use and fully exploit its sound to the highest degree to create a soundscape that retakes what we think we have heard before and presents us with something completely new. Hypnotizing to a certain extent, it makes us continue listening to it until it is over.

Bite The Boxer creates atmospheric and unique tracks that are accessible to everyone who stumbles upon them. “Forgotten” is a track that further allows him to embrace the direction he has taken with his sound. Don’t miss it!

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