Henry Lemoin “The Great Awaits”

We’re glad to announce that Oslo, Norway-based progressive metal solo artist Henry Lemoin has released his debut single, entitled “The Great Awaits.”

“The Great Awaits” takes listeners on a captivating journey through space and time, into Henry Lemoin’s epic, emotive, and multilayered prog metal sound, while also serving as a teaser for his forthcoming debut album. Featuring Henry Lemoin on guitars, bass, and keyboards, as well as mixing and mastering duties, the single also features session musicians Naman Sachdev (drums) and Manuel Trabucco (saxophone).

Originally curated as an ambient guitar piece, this debut single has since evolved into so much more, with seven minutes of spellbinding riffs, creative drumwork and soaring lead solos reflecting a story of personal growth and achievement.

Describing the inspiration behind “The Great Awaits,” Henry Lemoin says, “With The Great Awaits, what I want to achieve is to make the listener feel like they’re being transported to another universe, and as the title implies, it’s a journey towards something great, while also having an interesting and joyful trip along the way.

 About his plans for the future, Lemoin says:

The Great Awaits is my debut single, and I’m going to release more singles throughout 2022, and eventually those singles will be included in a full length album.

The Great Awaits is an instrumental, but I have no intentions of being an instrumentalist exclusively. The next single is well in development and has vocals on it, and I think that’s going to be the case for most of my material going forward.

“The Great Awaits” begins with swirling sci-fi synth effects, dynamic percussion, and layered electric guitar melodies that resound with clear yet robust tones. As the lead guitar melodies join in, they elevate the listener through the peaceful atmosphere sustained by more ambient guitar layers and the shifting drum rhythms. An impressive saxophone solo adds further to the track’s expansive atmosphere, its notes nicely echoing and harmonizing amidst clean-toned guitar lines, before the lead guitar returns and expands brilliantly on these melodic themes. After another captivating saxophone solo, the track reaches a majestic culmination as the guitar lead sears and soars amidst distorted riffing. 

At times calm and serene, and at other times epic and powerful, yet always evolving with compelling melodies, “The Great Awaits” truly succeeds in taking the listener on an amazing journey into the imagination. It’s quite an impressive debut, showcasing Henry Lemoin’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship, and I would highly recommend this track to fans of prog rock and prog metal alike. 

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