Jonathan Grow “Le Vol”

The last baby bird leaves the nest and takes their first flight to independent life. It’s a bittersweet new chapter of life both for the young and the parents, but especially the parents who are left behind in their now empty nest. The bustling life replaced by startling stillness. Jonathan Grow, who’s a dad himself, wrote those experiences and feelings into his new piece, and the result is a heavily emotional yet shimmering piece of love, loss and acceptance.

Hailing from America, Jonathan Grow is a pianist and composer who’s writing for his solo works, film and production, crafting flowing and cinematic piano pieces with orchestral compositions. When it comes to his personal releases, the themes come from life with emotions finding their melodies and playing a big role in a larger story. The artist’s latest piece, “Le Vol” is a story of a now empty nest and witnessing the flight of the last fledgling, is one of his most personal stories and one to echo with all parents out there.

I walked her out to her car, carrying the last of her boxes. As we stood there saying goodbye, we all suddenly realized that she wasn’t coming back home this time. My daughter was leaving home. Tears. In that flurry of 10 minutes, my world as her father changed. She drove away and my wife and I stood there, absorbing the weight of it all. Her older sister, living in Georgetown. Now her as well. As I walked back into the house, thinking of our grown girls, a tune turned over and over in my head.

Le Vol. It means “the flight”. I decided to include it as the second title on my 3-song EP (releasing soon). My third project, this EP is titled “3” – it has three compositions all written in some version of 3 (3/4 time, 12/8, …), and each has a 3-act structure. All are centered around the piano, as I decided to return to my roots where I taught myself to play the piano as a boy. My own childhood tying to theirs, now expressed as grown humans. Le Vol is a bittersweet work that connects the listener to loss, acceptance, and hope. The human story. That’s what I strive to tell in every composition. I think I’ve done that here.

Jonathan Grow

And so the story begins from the quietness, growing softly and outlining the feelings of pain, longing and sadness that meets with the sign of acceptance. There’s hesitancy in quiet parts between the running notes, and there’s a feeling of life’s unstoppable flow with string sections that join in to make it more dramatic. And when the piece expands like a fresh pair of wings, it does so with goosebump-inducing shimmer that fills the space with strong feelings of love and pride before moving off towards the distance and leaving us behind in the stillness, looking towards the horizon.

A very human piece played out in three segments.

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