With vibrant a go go fashion, Sweden based project The ROLF delivers a groovy retro-feeling track that dwells in all the bad stuff that’s happening around the world right now. Listen right now to “Wrong Turn/U-Turn”.

Nowadays it seems like something bad is lurking ’round the corner just waiting to happen. With the recent events in Ukraine, humanity keeps falling in the wrong steps. Bullies are scum and always will be, and The ROLF reminds us to build the courage to face them.

“Wrong Turn/U-Turn” examines all that’s gone South in the recent years. Using a bluesy, whiskey-a go go energy, these guys from Stockholm, Sweden crash the party with dazzling guitar work, drums with a mean swing and a ton of cowbell. Mixing the festive with the psychedelic, this single gets us in the perfect mood to dance, scream and break things.

In the blue corner: the small man on the street. Who never tried to make a name for himself, never caused any trouble. Just minding his own business. In the red corner: the bullying type of guy with the silver spoon in mouth. Much bigger, much stronger. He always takes advantage of the small guy. He tosses him around makes him crawl and suffer. Just because he can. In February 24th Russia invaded Ukraine, a peaceful democratic country which never caused any trouble, just been minding its own business. The reports from the war has been horrifying, and I was reminded of the “David and Goliath”-song in my drawer.” – The ROLF

The artist intended to deliver the verses like the everyday-struggle. A kind of One step up, two step back thing. Adding the break in the middle as the daydream or the escape. Sonically inspired by the early, much easier days.

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