Evin- “Fears of Letting Go (Live)”

London-based singer-songwriter Evin comes back to the blog once again and this time he is not alone! Filmed live in his studio, this rendition of “Fears Of Letting Go – Live” marks the potential and talent that this 21 year-old artist has in his veins. This version completly retains what made the original so lovable, and yet transforms it into something new!

Evin is an English singer-songwriter whose sounds has been described as retro-pop. Heavily inspired by the sound of the 80’s, the listener will be able to recognize elements such as jazzy saxophones, retro synths and passionate vocals in his music that made the decade so special. We feel as we were going back through time. And yet, he maintains a modern production which confronts the 80’s with the modern day, as one can prove with the original version of “Fears Of Letting Go”. This live arrangement features some surprises that exploits the sound of the band.

First of all, the live presence of Evin and his band instantly attracts our attention. Their performance features such musicality and showmanship that may be difficult to appreciate in a studio version of the track. Evin’s vocals feature a degree of passion, emotion, and musicality that strike us with emotion from the beginning of the track. What we can appreciate of live versions, but of specifically “Fears of Letting go (Live)” it presents a familiar track through a newer lens. It lets us hear what was first hidden: we hear how each of its elements (drums, synths, sax and vocals) come instantly together to offer a magnificent rendition of an already excellent track.

“Fears of Letting Go (Live)” is a stricking rendition of a great track. Evin has created a version that will please old fans and without a doubt bring new ones to the retro pop train. Don’t miss it out!

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