Silvia De Rosa “Our Goodbye”

You’re in a relationship with someone you consider your perfect partner, and everything seems wonderful. Then, out of blue, they suddenly land with a breakup, leaving you behind in a whole emotional mess and so many questions. That awfully sudden ending to what was a dream and all it comes with has been turned into a gentle piano ballad by a soft-voiced singer Silvia De Rosa.

Living in Hanoi, Vietnam, Silvia De Rosa is a fresh-faced artist who loves to create emotionally charged music that let’s the sadness flow. Her pure and clear voice coupled with straight-forward messages in her lyric-writing, the artist sings your sadness without spending time on any needless embellishments – for Silvia de Rosa it’s all about feeling, letting go and coming out of the other end healed.

“My music is to tell your stories, I sing your sadness, i hear your pain and i tell your stories. My music focus on letting go of bad memories and feelings so we can live a happier life. In a way, it’s sad but it’s a beautiful sadness.”

Silvia De Rosa

In her debut single, Silvia goes to tackle the pain of her recent relationship, which had turned into dust. Titled “Our Goodbye“, she sings it out all she feels with unrivaled clarity in her words, accompanied by sorrowful piano. The whole sadness meets with sparse slow percussion marking the decision of moving on. The realization that this is over and there won’t be any answers to her questions, the song moves on to more percussion-driven sound of determination before ending with a simple heartfelt “Goodbye”.

“So i was in a relationship with this guy, we have a very special bond and he promised me so much but then one day, out of nowhere he broke up with me without any reason. All he said is that he is not deserve someone like me, that’s all.
So my head was filled with so many question, why? Why did he choose to leave? Why? Why ain’t he choose to stay? A week after that, i received a call from this lady. She told me that she and my ex is going to get married very soon.
I was so surprised. So i wrote this song just to express my feelings and to comfort myself.”

Silvia De Rosa

She didn’t lie in her catchphrase “I sing your sadness” – with the debut speaking a story many people can relate to, the artist has showcased both her artistry as well as the healing power of music. So, join Silvia De Rosa and sing out what’s hurting your heart!

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