Allie Alvarado “Strong”

Love is a feeling probably most associated with romantic feelings, the perfect relationship between two people. What is perhaps less recognised is that love comes in many forms and each form brings in that feeling of completeness. Allie Alvarado’s newest EP goes deeper into the realms of love, promising a breath of fresh air into what is mostly populated with romantic feelings.

The more experienced of us can tell that love goes hand-in-hand with struggle and sadness, and it’s those heavy dark times that truly bring a contrast out on the powerful feeling of love. The EP is very fittingly titled “Strong“, shining light on the healing aspect love has, and it’s home to 4 songs with each carrying a different aspect of love. Written as a catharsis during times of struggle, the title was originally supposed to be “Feel the Earthquake”, hinting on the lost stability and no certainty in tomorrow. The rumbling and heavy song feels its way through the thick haze of struggles and feels very much like life today. But as things continue and you learn to reevaluate how to spare your sanity and handle the feelings, “Strong” became the title as a triumph for still standing and being a pillar radiating love.

“Syllable of Love” stands as a highlight with harmonies that melt together like honey, exploring the feeling of love itself in minute detail and just feeling the emotions boiling within. Similarly, “Moments of You” paints an intricate atmosphere that feels ethereal, the kind of place you feel you’ve reached after choosing the right path to healing.The whole EP is an introspective experience on a journey in a world where happy endings don’t seem to be a thing. At the same time it’s a reminder to keep an open heart and let the love flow.

“The Strong EP came about during a tough time in my life. I think we can all agree that the last few years haven’t been easy for anyone. I started recording this music alongside a lot of loss and change and working on these songs became a safe place to process how I was feeling. Emotions can have so many hues so I just followed my intuition and tried to translate those colors into sounds and harmonies. In response, these songs emerged as delicate and moody soundscapes built on top of meditative tempos and led by introspective melodies and lyrics. Each song is a love song but maybe not in the traditional sense of romantic love. It’s more about the power of love and how it can help us heal.”

Allie Alvarado

Strong” is the third EP for the Honduran-American electronic music producer living on Los Angeles. Her dancy and groovy songs, spiced up with awesome harmonic blends, come with exploring stories that feel both ethereal and close to soul in a homely level.

“I got my start playing music in experimental rock bands but fell in love with writing and producing electronic music which is what I’ve been doing ever since. I’ve released my brand of futuristic pop songs under different monikers in the past but this is the first time I’m really pushing music under my own name. It’s fitting because I feel like as I keep growing as an artist what I create feels more authentic to who I am.”

Allie Alvarado

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