Daverage J. Normal “Indestructible”

It’s New Music Friday once again, a day most waited for by all music enthusiasts. Among the fresh releases today is a curious and joyful space odyssey coming as a dancy retro-futuristic electronic track titled “Indestructible“.

The creator of this single, Daverage J. Normal, is an UK-based electronic music producer who explores the mind of a human person in neuron-level depth like an astronaut in space. His colorful and catchy songs join the sweet retro vibes with toe-tapping percussion and run on the undercurrent of everything moody and dark. There’s a whole load of energy running through to shake us like a spaceship, leaving us with warning lights blinking on the dashboard, and at the same time the songs open up vivid imagery, the endless cosmic landscape occupied by unseen things.

The journey through space continues with “Indestructible”, an exciting song coming with multiple phases. What begins with a western-twinged feeling of anticipation and excitement soon introduces a sweet sweet driving beat right into the sparkly unknown. The sawtooth synths rattle with pleasure and also shift the journey to new phases, sending the listener flying through dark yet somehow very inviting planes. It’s an awesome song to ride into the weekend with, with that driving beat and endless surge of energy.

“I mostly used the Novation Bass Station 2 in the creation of this track. The introduction is comprised of 3 sampled arp patterns (there might be a fourth in there). They provide the platform for the melody line. The main rolling bass line in body of the song is also the Bass Station, as is the 3 chord pattern you hear through out. Serum adds a layer of support to the bass, by sounding like an electric guitar string be. ( I think so anyway). The glitchy pieces are random chopped samples that I though sounded cool. When I got to the last section, i just wanted to go heavy, or go home”

Daverage J. Normal

So, are the places visited in this song and his previous releases really that unknown, or are they just the unforeseen sides of things we already think we know? Who knows… But the journey itself feels incredible and sometimes enjoying the trip itself takes us much further than having a certain destination on mind.

“Thank you for taking the time to listen and in terms of expectations I would say… that I don’t always know what I’m going to do next so i guess there will always be (hopefully) an element of pleasant surprise with each new release.”

Daverage J. Normal

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