De Antiquis Et Novis truly relaxing “Calm”

“I don’t want to run for another day!” That’s a familiar thought for anyone who craves for a moment of peace in a hectic life. That plea for time to rest and recharge is also the basis of a new single by De Antiquis Et Novis, the German producer who took us to witness the “Afterglow” on a remote beach with one of his previous singles that also showcased the artist’s knack for creating truly relaxing electronica.

De Antiquis Et Novis aka Matthias Schorer continues his signature line of sublime relaxation electronica with his newest single “Calm“. Working in collaboration with Edi Schorer who adds his own touch of magic through electric and acoustic guitars, a sweetly nocturnal atmosphere with an exotic hint comes to life. Evocative vocals speaking the phrase, little sounds flowing past like fiery specks from the bonfire, and that incredible shimmer of acoustic guitar offer plenty of goosebumps. It’s a wonderful place to get lost in, a private island of peace that stays far away from the hot belt of hurricanes.

As for what the future brings – “Calm” is the last single from the artist’s upcoming album set to arrive in June this year. The LP, titled “Afterglow”, will have 10 tracks with some of them already released as singles, and others remaining a mystery until then. It most definitely promises to be one super relaxing chillout album if you look at the single releases so far. I’m sure it makes for an awesome soundtrack for a warm worry-free summer spent in a remote location embracing nature and calmness.

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