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Technology lives among us. We have grown so accustomed to it that it passes unnoticed before us. Checking social media, navigating the web, listening to the latest tracks, we have developed a relationship with digital media for the last twenty years whose extent could not really predict and, with projects such as the Metaverse, will only strengthened in the coming years. In the web, algorithms filter what we see, what we hear and what we know. All of this is invisible to the untrained eye. And yet, we can use technology and algorithms to turn them against themselves. One way we can do this is through music. Iulano’s brand new EP De-Algorithm is an electronic rock album that satirizes and criticizes our modern day reliance on the digital world and cold-hearted reason. Iuliano builds a complex electronic sounds through a diverse set of tools to create a mirror that shows our distorted modern world.

Born in Italy, but really a citizen of the world, Iuliano’s career has traveled through Europe, America and Asia. After finishing his studies at Berklee College of Music, he was drawn to the role of producer and started producing all around Southeast Asia. He directed a small record label in Malaysia for four years. Soon, he found himself desiring to create his own original work. He released singles in 2018 to great success. Iuliano found himself nominated for Best Experimental Music Video at the Independent Music Awards and in 2019, he won Best Producer at the Independent Music Awards in the Folk/singer-songwriter category for his EP Hidden Roots by a jury that included heavy-hitters Robert Smith, Todd Rundgren, Sananda Maitreya and Tom Waits.

My music backgrounds are pretty wide, and I hope that each listener can find that subtle influence he can relate to. In fact, in the past, I have often been associated with artists I did not even know much about it. It is sort of pleasing, though. –Iuliano

De-Algorithm is for Iuliano, first of all, a testament. A parody of the modern world and the coming future. This is evident in its criptic, computer like lyrics and its approach to its music. It tells the story of a character that suddenly vanishes while building upon a concept that transforms on itself throughout each track of the album. Iuliano mixes acoustic sounds with electronic sounds blending them together, as if representing the relationship between humans and the digital world. For example, while “On the Radio” the first track of the album introduces itself with just drums and guitars, we can faintly hear in the background the sound of electricity coming through. As the track progresses, technology starts to gain presence, such as when Iuliano’s vocals are suddenly passed through a robotic filter. “How Did it Go” dives us straight to the metaverse by creating a surrounding soundscape based on electric guitars, synths and many other elements counterposed by vocals as if they were passed through a megaphone. A mystical clash between rock and electronica, with an atmosphere that takes us to space in a non-conventional way is found in “Uranus Or Mars”, while “The Last Time” takes us directly to haunting electronic-flamenco reminiscent of the works of Wendy Carlos. The album closes magnifically with the track “Stay Where You Are” by which Iuliano fully embraces the electronic side of the album to its full extent to present us with a groovy golden bow.

The greatest science fictions writers say that to write good science fiction, one must not try to look upon the future, but to center our attention at our present. This way, we may identify the worries of humanity, its problems and successfully write about our future. Iuliano has achieved this with De-Algorithm a dark and complex album with many layers of meaning, in which our relationship with the digital world today is used to paint a picture of what may come to us in the future, not only in a lyrical sense, but also in a musical one. One that is a must hear.

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