Roisin O’Hagan – “Sunset Valley”

Inspired by the Pop Rock driven sounds of Counting Crows, Sunset Valley is a dreamy Americana Rock track that inspires us with Roisin O’Hagan’s sweet and welcoming vocals. A romantic story of love that feels very familiar. OUT NOW!!!

As a 23 year old singer-songwriter who has been writing, performing, and releasing music since she was only 12 yo, this Essex, UK, girl has become one of the most cherished female figures within her genre and hailed, and endorsed, by legends like Matt Malley (Counting Crows) and Max Helyer (You Me At Six).

As mentioned above, Roisin’s music is inspired by that Pop Rock sound created by her favorite bands, and mixed with the romantic, storytelling lyricism of Bruce Springsteen and Taylor Swift. After recording a string of singles and a couple of EP’s, Roisin is more than ready to start releasing them this year!

Sunset Valley” is her first single to be release this year and it’s a love story played by fictional characters to which we can all easily relate to. You can expect lush electric guitars, an uplifting drum beat and a plethora of acoustic elements that add so much warm and energy to the track. Roisin’s vocals are sensational.

It’s set in a fictional place called Sunset Valley with fictional characters. The protagonist, who is otherwise content with life, hangs onto the person they first loved in times gone by and hopes that they will find each other again one day. They wonder about where this person is now and hold on to the belief that “the best things are gonna take time”. – Roisin O’Hagan

With beautiful innocence, O’Hagan’s lyrics come from a deep place of love, and shine a light through the artist’s most emotive side. That fictional place, Sunset Valley, is a place on which we’ve might all been, in our own way, and Roisin portrays it, beautifully, without losing hope.

The single will be followed by the release of an official music video which is going to be released a week later (15th April).

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