Tired All The Time – “Then And There”

This single takes us on a dreamy / melancholic ride that tackles the ever grinding experience of going to work. Using witty and sarcastic lyrics, Tired All The Time delivers an atmospheric, Experimental Rock experience.

We all know the pain of waking up every morning, taking the bus, or subway, or being stuck in traffic just to get to work. The countless hours, and the angry faces! But enough with the gloomy memories, today, this dystopian pop-punk band makes a wonderful come back with their brand new single “Then And There”.

After the release of Sun, Tired All The Times, or TATT, continues to capture the world of business in a very unusual and interesting way. Using language and aesthetics stolen from the corporate medical and pharmaceutical industries as somewhat of an anti-theme, TATT speaks about sociogenic anxiety, societal disparities and future uncertainty. All in a very amusing way!

Then And There” is Michael Richard Tally (Vocals/Synthesizer), Brian Miller (Bass) and Edward Barakauskas’ (Drums) latest ambition to portray the looping experience of corporative jobs, from being in lousy meetings to facing screens all day.

What are we doing? Who are we becoming? When’s lunch? Big picture questions for us all but also the questions that guided the creation of Then and There.” – TATT

With a cinematic intro, the song hits right off the bat with a heavy kick and punchy snare, the bass lays down a simple groove that moves the verse forward, and synths create an atmosphere that evokes a dream-like sensation.

Our preference is to allow listeners the gift of subjective interpretation, unsullied by the groups’ analysis.

Auto-tuned vocals charm us with a melancholic melody, almost haunting, but with a sense of familiarity with which we can all relate to. Evolving and expanding, “Then And There” conjures a series of feelings and lyrics that capture the diminishing grind of businesses and corporates to the human spirit. With a final explosion of the chorus, the massive energy of the track propels us into a huge wall of sound of drums, synths, bass and lyrics until it all fades out…

At Tired all the Time, we believe we have the power to change lives through musical innovation. Our combined experiences help us connect with clients by providing invaluable insight into the universal struggle known as the human condition.

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