Havoc Osiris “Imbalance”

Born and raised in Plano, Texas, Havoc Osiris found his passion in creativity from early on. Back when he was small, he might not have chosen music production as a way to express what was boiling in the young lad’s mind, but life has taken him on to pick up a path in music production. Now, at age 30, he’s a releasing hiphop producer crafting his own sound of dystopian hiphop. Among the incredibly fruitful discography lies a single with its roots stemming back when Havoc Osiris was not making any music. In fact, it was a story intended to become something else entirely!

“Believe it or not, the concept behind “Imbalance” came to me long before I ever tried making any kind of music seriously. From a young age, I was always allured by the world of fiction, and since 2017, I had been formulating a story about a power struggle between two warring factions in an ultraviolent and hyper-criminal cyberpunk-dystopian future. I titled this story “Imbalance” and outlined the story to the best of my ability, fleshing out detail after detail, with the goal being to eventually make a six-part novel series of it, but when the pandemic hit, I put that version on ice.”

Havoc Osiris

It wasn’t until he started dabbling in music production software and came across a sample pack of “trap” sounds, when the story in his mind started finding their shape in sound. That’s when the first draft of the track was born, and nearly six month later, the track called Imbalance was finally ready to tell its story. Coming as a lengthy instrumental piece, its story is divided into segments, slowly leading the listener through moody industrial hiphop landscapes. The dark slow sawing beat marches as an undercurrent, leaping through loops introducing a different side to the story. Some of them are warmer and full of light, others stay in the darkness and pull great pleasure from distorting basslines.

The story concludes with a particularly gnarly sweetly distorted synth riff, like a boss fight of sorts. Whether the end is a happy one or not, that is left pleasantly vague – “Imbalance” is a 7-minute soundtrack to whatever fantasies roll out in your mind. For that same reason Havoc Osiris also pointed out the intended lack of lyrics, although I do feel this song does not need any lyrics. There are many indescribable moods and edges of feelings that a well-chosen sound can describe effortlessly and words would struggle heavily with, and besides that… Sometimes it’s best to not box the listener in the meaning of pre-existing words.

Looking back on his journey as a recording artist, Havoc Osiris finds the current era is the best for a creative person. He told us his thoughts on being an artist on the day today and we’re sharing this with you to read:

“It’s typical to never know that you’ve lived in a golden age of anything until that time has passed, but I’d like to think that this is a golden age of independent artistry, especially with the resources that exist at the fingertips of many artists and producers who may have nothing but the home computer in their childhood home and the dream of somebody caring about what’s in their heart and their soul. Part of why this era is so golden is because, even when you have a new single coming out in two weeks, or an album dropping at the end of the spring or fall or whenever, all of your music is going to be new to somebody, and to everyone that’s new to me and to my sound, I want you to know that it’s okay to let my sounds take you away from any real-world stress that you’re dealing with, and into the type of beautiful yet chaotic worlds that you might only see in movies, TV, or video games, even if it’s only for just a few minutes. Sometimes, the endless reaches of our imagination help us deal with reality a lot better than some of what actually exists in reality.”

Havoc Osiris

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