Sea Driver – “Hook Or By Crook”

An outstanding energy delivery provided by a fine group of British gentlemen that explodes right through our senses with the might of a thousand watts. “Hook Or By Crook” is a reminiscence from that massive, bulky, live sound of the 2010’s Rock bands like Disappears, Idles, and ISIS.

What an amazing listening experience! Sea Driver, a four piece band from Kent, UK are nurturing us with the release of their first single ever, a fierce and hot-tempered track that blasts us away with a HUGE wall of sound of guitars, drums, bass and vocals.

Hook Or By Crook has that natural sound that is nowadays missed. That emotional and intimate display of top-notch musicianship where every member is tuned in with each other. The high-wailing sounds of guitars, the abrasive drum beat smashing its way through the noise, the driving sound of the bass, and the nonchalant vocals screaming out words of steam and disagreement.

The track strikes like a punch in the face right from the start, and every appearing element is just another addition to the static-field created by transistors, magnets, and molecule vibrations. Hypnotic the whole way through, this single crafts and ear-worm that settles down the nerves and gets you ready to go.

The track started life around 2018, back then the sound of it was a-lot more mellow with finger picked guitar and more atmospheric instrumentation. It had completely different lyrics was a bit longer and called “Don’t let anybody in” – Sea Driver

The single almost never saw the light of day, but after jamming it out and some re-writes, Hook Or By Crook was born from the heritage of its predecessor, just like a phoenix rising from its own ashes.

The old lyrics were scrapped, new words and a tweaked melody took their place. Being in lockdown and the world being at a standstill it was impossible to avoid the news, the lyrics are basically just me letting off some steam about the terrible job and seemingly corrupt practices of our government regarding the PPE contracts.” – Sea Driver

Inspired by bands like Osees, Idles, Radiohead, MF Doom, TFS, Interpol, The Strokes, Frank Ocean, and QOTSA, Sea Driver got together in the studio last October to record as a whole at Anchor Baby Studios, later adding the vocals. As of now, the band has already released three tracks, being this one their first one ever released.

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