Will Soma – “Days Are Long”

If you’re in the mood of reliving those 90’s grunge days, we greatly encourage you to listen to this upcoming single. With gritty vocals, Will Soma explores the challenges of a relationship breakdown, the spiral of emotions, and the aftermaths that may linger. “Days Are Long” LISTEN NOW!!!

Man, what a voice! It’s been a while since Will Soma picked up the pen and guitar to write music but here he is again, delivering a fantastic Grunge influenced track with mellow riffs and semi-acoustic vibes. With a sober sound “Days Are Long” takes us on a melancholic drive with a classic feeling.

My wife keeps asking who these songs are about so there have been some tricky conversations!” – Will Soma

“Days Are Long” has a very unique vibe but also it feels very familiar. The guitar work is welcoming and the drums and bass are on spot. Soma’s vocals are truly the cherry on top, with a very masculine spirit and a good hit of woe without being depressing. All in all, the single is one of those great tracks that could help you push through the desolate feelings of breaking up with somebody.

“It was written on one of those grey rainy days in winter last year where I was playing around with chords and came across one that I hadn’t come across before. That sound (the third chord in the verse progression) recalled a feeling of sorrow and distress, which reminded me of a relationship breakdown and how that sound of despair rings in your ears.” – Will Soma

Soma wrote the song in about an hour. Some of his songs explore our own mental fragility and why happiness can only exist in the presence of sadness, some explore unrequited love, and some look at the pre-occupation with social media influencers. As Soma’s debut, it is a very strong start by the Australian artist and we’d love to keep featuring in our blog. So stay tuned!

“I hope that they resonate with people and that they enjoy the music because I like telling the story.” – WS

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