A. B. Violet – “EQUINOX”

Our cherished British friend and artist, A. B. Violet continues to up her game, amazing us with her fantastic voice and unique music production abilities. With her brand new EP “Equinox“, Violet delivers a dreamscape of beautiful sounds, vocals and dancing beats for us to lose ourselves and join her in an ethereal, up-beat dance of healing and acceptance.

It’s been a while since Abigail joined us here on the blog. After the release of her past singles So Lonely, Only Need Me, Merry Go Round, These Other Things and Ice, the young artist rapidly captivated us with her Tori Amos influence within her musical expression. Now, she’s back better than ever with a three-piece EP that, for us, is her best work of art yet.

Opening up with “Pedal To The Medal”, the EP starts with playful sounds that entice us with a youthful vibe. A deep kick and a fluttering bass settle the groundings while a wide piano fills the entire field. Violet’s vocals are better than ever and they feel so much more produced and well-thought.

Track two, “Rain” picks up with a House-style beat and positive lyrics, dancing away in a magical fashion. The beat twists and turns with a bouncing bass and filtered samples supported by stuttering synths and reverb-drench vocals.

A huge kick opens up the final track of this fantastic EP, filled with beautiful melodies, in “Wasting Time”. I detected some Fleetwood Mac influences in there! It definitely is a perfect finale with its mellow groove and dreamy landscapes. Inspiring, nostalgic, refined.

There aren’t enough words for me to describe the beauty of Equinox, so please, do give it a listen…

I had a very interesting Q&A with Violet to shed a little light into what drove her into creating this EP. You can read it here, only in Less Than 1K!:

1.- What inspired you to make this EP?

All my tracks are a little insight into my story and mental health matters. Music inspires me, generally: I think it can be so powerful, but it’s more about what motivates me, rather than inspires. I always hope that with each track, someone can relate in some way, feel like they’re not alone, that their story matters and are encouraged to speak out. EQUINOX is more upbeat than some of my other studio releases, but it’s just another way of framing these important issues. The more positive frame is symbolic of the spring equinox and how it’s spiritually associated with hope and new beginnings- I think that starts with speaking out, reaching out for help.

2.- Your sound is getting better by the minute, could you tell us a bit more about your music production journey and how you keep motivated to create?

I need no motivation to create. Music is my safe space and my therapy and what intrinsically draws me to music is its endless possibilities to explore and create different soundscapes that tell a different story to different people. I’m a complete novice with music production, but I’m always experimenting- style, genre, instrumentation, beats, samples. It’s all been trial and error, but it’s exciting and that certainly keeps me motivated. And I can’t take all the credit. I write every part of each song, but I do collaborate with a producer on most of my tracks. I think it’s important to get a fresh perspective from someone who can understand your vision and enhance it. 

3.- There’s a lot of electronica elements in this EP, has the genre always been part of your music or is it slowly beginning to influence your music?

It’s always been a genre of music that I enjoy… I’ve experimented before with Electronica, with tracks on my ‘Intermission’ project- I self-produce and release tracks onto this title in between studio time. But it’s definitely starting to creep it’s way into some of those studio tracks, as you can hear!

4.- Anything else you’d like to add.

Just to encourage people to reach out, speak out, if they do feel overwhelmed or that they are struggling with their mental health.  You are certainly not alone. There’s lots of help and advice out there; but you do need to take the first step. And I truly do understand how hard that can be, but it’s worth it in the end. Or, at least to find an outlet, perhaps a creative hobby like writing or making music that allows you to be and express yourself and your story.

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