Growing up is easier when there’s good music to listen to. With today’s single, we take a step back to when we were younger in Voodoo Bloo’s new track: “Small“. A vibrant Indie Rock track that amazes with these younglings’ talent. Listen right now to “Small”!

Remember growing up? The feelings of “I’ll never be this young again” as the inevitable passing of time pushes us further away from our childhood? Well, Small is about the Peter Pan complex, knowing you have to grow up no matter how hard the change may be.

In a way it was written not only to a younger self but also my Mother, about my growth into a person, but the distance it’s made from memories long gone.” – Voodoo Bloo

Written by frontman Rory McDonald, the track delivers a fantastic, youthful energy of overdriven guitars, skipping drums and driving bass. The groove of the verses and the energy of the choruses amalgamate into each other smoothly, and Rory’s vocals feel mature, contrasting with the nostalgic lyrics.

The retro vibe of the video matches the song’s theme, as we can see these boys play their asses off while enjoying playing games and being silly. Just like a teen should do. But the lyrics say otherwise. A really cool contrast that is potentiated with ear-worm melodies and chants. Really good song!

Recording at Massey Studios with Greg Haver and Scott Seabright will be a time that I will forever cherish. I believe the final product of how this song came out really rips out the emotions behind the track in a soaring soundscape that will be fresh to specific sound expecting fans of our band.” – Voodoo Bloo

Voodoo Bloo is a four-piece band from New Zealand. Fronted by Rory McDonald, this Alternative Rock group has been gathering a strong following in their home town. Produced by Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers, Bullet for my Valentine) and Scott Seabright (Mumford and Sons, Passenger), this track is part of their upcoming album “The Blessed Ghost” which will be released on Friday 15th of July!

Their next single will be released on 22nd May and will be called “We’re here love is somewhere else”. So stay tuned!

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