Monique Barry “Time”

The pandemic with its lockdowns stopped life as it used to be. What used to be busy and bustling was now suddenly still and empty, and while it felt curious and cool at first, it soon started dragging down on the mental wellbeing of people. For the Canadian artist Monique Barry it has been the same, leading her to turn towards songwriting as a means of self-expression and therapy. She also discovered the power and healing in cold water swimming, an activity which found its way to her newest single.

“The song started with the breaths and the heartbeat. I build it around those two elements. When things were feeling a little too much over the pandemic, those were the two elements that were so present”.

Monique Barry

Titled “Time“, Monique Barry’s new song is as measured and pristine as the underwater life in a cold lake. It’s a wholly introspective journey, open and vulnerable, yet very comfortable and not held back in any way in its honesty. There’s a certain mystical feel to it that covers the edges with cool lines of fog, leading the attention onto the artist’s voice and allowing to sink in to immerse in the shivery cool atmosphere. It’s an almost 5-minute long journey, but curiously it feels like a lot less. Perhaps the mystical side of the song combined with the cold knows how to alter the flow of time, or perhaps the song is simply so captivating you don’t really feel like time is passing by. I’m pretty confident either are correct.

I discovered cold water swimming during this time. When it came to making the video, I wanted to marry the two therapies – songwriting and cold plunging as they were so much a part of keeping me centred and productive and focused. I didn’t want the video to be specific. I much prefer videos that don’t tell a story but rather let the viewer find their own interpretation.

As for what the future is going to bring, Monique Barry is currently preparing to release her 5th studio album. The upcoming release is going to be named “HAAK” and the single “Time” is the 8th and final single from it. If the singles are anything to go by, the album is going to be an incredibly delicate and immersive experience for anyone who loves beautiful genre-fluid indie sounds.

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