Sharnelle McLean “Little Girl”

It’s Thursday with a little change for many of us – it’s Good Friday tomorrow, meaning a long weekend ahead. Also, nothing better to enjoy the longer-lasting freedom than some evocative fresh sounds from a London-based young pop artist!

The artist, namely Sharnelle McLean, has been creating music since she was a teenager, blending together everything she enjoyed about music. The results are diverse by definition, flowing with heavy influences of orchestral compositions, the catchiness of pop music and beats reminiscent of hip-hop among so much more. The 26-year-old artist’s sound is very immersive, allowing to dive right into the full-bodied atmospheres with inspiring lyrics and uplifting instrumentals.

“I mix Pop with Folk, Orchestral, R&B and Hip Hop music, to create songs that have a signature sound. I was inspired to create my own sound after coming across the music of my favourite film composer, Hans Zimmer. I love how he always captivates his audience with his music. At many times there are no words, it’s just music, but the music sets the scene of the story. I wanted to do the same, not only with my lyrics, voice or harmonies, but also with the drum beats, melodies, chords and instruments.
Being a Producer as well as an Artist, has allowed me to create music that takes the listener on a journey, because each song has a different story, a different meaning and a new lesson that can be learned.”

Sharnelle McLean

Her newest song is no exception when it comes to immersive soundscapes. Titled “Little Girl“, the single takes on a more delicate emotion, as if it’s a heartfelt talk between a mother and her daughter. At the same time the song boasts with immense power, especially in the chorus which has a slight hint of tribal feeling to it. Speaking of heartfelt talks, this is a song about handling the challenges that come with being a woman, and was born as a letter to the artist’s younger self. The hugely empowering and warm feeling that’s presented in both the lyrics and the flooding instrumental side fits right in and does not fail at giving some of its power to the listener. There is nothing better than a song that picks you up and reassembles your confidence!

This year has been pretty busy for Sharnelle so far with the releases of “Little Girl” and one more single titled “Your Crown“. The year is just about to get busier for the young artist, as she reveals what will be coming up in near future:

“On 13th May 2022, I will be releasing my second EP which was recorded with a live band, that includes and a Cello and Violin, that is played by my younger sister. The EP has a Gospel, Pop, Rock and Orchestral sound and it’s one of the best productions that I have ever created because it truly showcases who I am as an Artist and Producer”

Sharnelle McLean

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