A very energic album created with lots of care and intention. “Lost To The Flag” is an ambitious collection of Indie-Rock songs that burst with originality and explosive energy.

20 years in the making, All Societies is a collaboration of long-time friends and musicians: Chris and Lewis. After two decades of writing music and playing Live in the UK, this Bristol duo is finally presenting their most anticipated debut album…

“Lost To The Flag” is a 10 track collection of songs with a lotta groove, a lot of noise, and a lot of energy. Exciting guitar riffs, smashing drum beats and storytelling vocals captivate us with a natural feel and a feisty intention.

Most of the tracks, like “Spinning, “Leaders” and “3.2.1” come with a lot of movement, reminiscent of Indie-heroes like Blocparty and Futureheads. The frantic bass in tracks like “Empire” gets you hooked with its aggresive beat of the drums and Beach-Rock-styled guitars.

From futuristic to old-school, this album is officially a statement-free work that seeks only musical expression, following no trends, no drama, and even no destination. A mix of electronic sounds with the analogue spirit of Rock music is present in tracks like “Repair”. Skipping drums, violins, and atmospheric guitars create a captivating experience in “It Won’t Work”. A lot of The National vibes going on also.

“Upper Hand” offers chanting harmonies, “Mindy” a Pop-Punk vibe mixed with a Franz Ferdinand spirit. This album is without a doubt and ode to those nineties/2000’s Indie-Rock hymns. Cleverly composed, every track comes with a unique intention and delivery. Every instrument, every melody, every word is intentional, and it shows.

Following a DIY ethos, All Societies wanted to approach production in a way that was utterly-uncompromising with the eventual product. All Societies is ultimately here to bring a groove, tell a story, and maybe even raise a smile.

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