Markus Murphy- “Already Blue”

With inspirations ranging from funk, psychedelia, city pop, slow surf, latin jazz, space rock and retro surf, today’s featured single is a fun mash-up of styles and sounds, presenting a sad story under seemingly happy and mellow music. “Already Blue” is the latest release by singer-songwriter Markus Murphy. It is an explosion of style and flavour like none other before it.

Markus Murphy is based on Montreal, Canada, where he composes, produces and performs all of his songs. Starting out as a teenager, Markus has been searching for new, impossible sounds for the last 20 years of his career. His main goal is to create excellent songs that may be able to stand out on their own as stated by his debut EP Crashing Waves. Since then, he has focused his efforts in performing and recording live sessions through which he was able to meet industry veteran Paul Mahren, who has been an aid in his career. “Already Blue” is their latest collaboration. After a lenghty process that involved an instrumental idea, finding the right performers in keys, drums and bass, arranging the horns and string sessions and finally, pushing the vocals to an standaout degree, the single was born. It was mixed and mastered by Mahren, the single performed by Markus Murphy at the guitars/vocals, with additional musicians Ethan (bass), Josh (keys), John (drums), Evan Shay (sax), Scott Bevins (trumpet) and Tomo Newtown (violin).

What to expect from my music: to the best of my abilities, I want to deliver profound, top-shelf recordings that can last the test of time. The same way I listen to classic records from way back to decades past and go ‘damn.. how did they do that?’ or just marvel at the skills in the musicianship and production of a record. I’d like my records to reach that level. I’m not in it for the hype of catching on to the trendiest genres of the moment, I want to build these carefully and just really go for the highest possible quality. I think an important aspect of my songs too will be to really capture the emotions and soul behind them in real time, with real musicians. And of course that goes for live music as well, I’d like to leave jaws on the floor with those shows. If you think you’d like to see us play live in your town, you can contact me directly on instagram and we will get it on the list! –Markus Murphy

“Already Blue” is a complex song. When Markus Murphy says that he wants to surprise us with his music, he achieves it without a doubt. The sheer amount of instruments, all sounding all at once independently from one another but at the same time complementing each other, sets the bar so high and never lets it down, recalling the Big Bands from yesterday. Murphy mixes the retro and the modern. He has actualized genres such as jazz and city pop and brought them to the XXI century with modern production, without completly erasing their presence with contemporary sounds. The single maintains its jazzy, retro, funky roots elevate our moods to an extreme, while adding a pinch of psychedelia and space rock for extra flavour. And under all of these layers, the lyrics tell the story about a breakup. The music contrasts greatly with the “blue” lyrics, as if all its grandiloquence served as a way of hiding what one truly feels.

“Already Blue” is a big surprinsing track from Markus Murphy. He achieves his goal of marveling the audience with his music. Just how has he achieved it? We cannot wait to see what more he has under his sleeve!

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