These crazy MOFOS are back with a crazy MOFO song that’s crazy AF. “The oddball three”, AKA The Qwarks, have returned to twist our senses and corrupt all normality with their brand new single “Throne Of Your Grace“, a psychedelic /avant-garde rock track that’s perfect for all you Les Claypool lovers.

Man, these guys are something else! After the release of their debut single ‘You Are not Fans (You Are Our Friends)’, the Brighton trio is back with even more eccentricity, taking the weird to a whole other level. With bending melodies, skipping drums and bass that both seem to have lost their way, and quirky vocals, The Qwarks are rapidly constructing a sound that’s both unmistakable and unique.

“Throne Of Your Grace” is all about imagination. A story that many bands might be able to relate to. It tells the imaginary story about an imaginary band in an imaginary town, trying to get an imaginary gig by courting an imaginary local impresario who is an extremely important person in the town.

Despite their great efforts, they end up stuck in the imaginary promoter’s database,
falling between the cracks of the various musical categories in the database, floating in a
between-space where time has no meaning anymore.

"The song was written after the drummer Nick laid own a drum track with different sections when we were jamming one day. The song was written around the sections. We often write the songs from the drums upwards. It’s an interesting way of writing because it forces songs to be written in particular ways, in ways that would not have occurred if the drums hadn’t have been there."

The impresario laughs at its throne and the imaginary band has to reconsider their path. Keep pursuing their dreams and find their own niche? Or the be aware that all those imaginary things exist only in the imagination of the imaginer…

“Basically, our aim is to write music that we want to write but the problem we encounter is that the music we like to write often does not fit into particular ‘genres’ or ‘niches’ that ‘rock nights’ seem to be based around. Music seems to be extremely categorised these days. We don’t care so much for categories. We continue to have fun and if other people do too when they listen, then that’s a bonus!”

The Qwarks

Well, I guess it’s up to us to imagine, once again, the band’s fate while enjoying the freaky rhythms and atypical sounds of the actual band! This single is the first from an EP that will be released in the Summer, with a second album following in the Autumn/Fall.

"It's a big year of releases this year. We’ll be releasing a single every month this year. The Next single will be called ‘Dog Ate My Homework’."

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