Couvo – “How It’s Always Gonna Go”

Change is something we expect, but not always achieve. Leading a monotonous lifestyle may lead to disaster. Seeing the same people, going always to the same bar, listening to the same songs and following the same routine leads us to madness. Soon, the days become weeks and the weeks years; years that have gone by in a blink of our eye without us noticing. Couvo’s newest single “How It’s Always Gonna Go” is an existencial track that is not afraid to show the desire of escaping everyday life and embrace change. But, what if we have seen all there is to see?

Couvo, (also known as Josh Couvares) is a singer-songwriter from Brooklyn in the United States. His previous single  “Tired”, from his album The Drinks Are Always Free in Purgatory, gained the attention of critics and fans alike. “How It’s Always Gonna Go” is his latest single. Mixed by Charlie Stavish, from Jenny Lewis and Weezer fame, and mastered by Alex DeTurk, famous from working with David Bowie and D’Angelo, “How It’s Always Gonna Go” its full of existencial dread covered in a mellow coat.

This song is about the tension between the life you want and the life you live. Imagine it’s 5 pm. You’ve spent the afternoon in a bar, dreaming up your getaway plan from this day-to-day to something better. Will that ever happen? Or will things go one like they always have, with the same dead-end debts and drama that’s always been there? –Couvo

“How It’s Always Gonna Go” is just the right mix of melancholy and angst. Couvo’s vocals surprise us from his range. What starts as a mellow song about doubts about the future gains intensity until it explodes by the end. Couvo manages to organically drive us through a rollercoaster of emotions through his music and vocals. He slowly builds this climax from the very start of the single, as he accumulates his anger and lets it all out. He manages to break the mold and surprise us in an exciting way.

“How It’s Always Gonna Go” is a song about wanting more, but not being sure of ever accomplishing what we desire. Yet Couvo achieves and goes beyond what we expected. His newest release is a must hear!

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