mUmbo – “Swing My Hip”

A relaxing dose of jazz mixed with R&B and just a tad of trip-hop. This relaxing new track by Londoners, mUmbo, takes us on a introspective ride of what is, what was, and what could be in “Swing My Hip“.

Hello everybody! Nice to see you once again! Today we have a really nice piece of musical dexterity delivered by crunchy, thick guitars, swinging jazz drums, and vocals that reminds us of those ethereal hits by trip-hop legends like Portishead or Massive Attack.

“Swing My Hip came up out of the water as a response to the seemingly endless slide down into sadness, isolation and helplessness that the pandemic brought about. A kind of defiant response, a modern blues in a way; playing the blues to keep the blues away. Music is one of the greatest tools to combat despair. In this case, swinging your hip in spite of it all. Keeping hope and positivity alive.”


There’s just something about UK musicians, they have a very distinctive way to generate introspective beats. “Swing My Hip” captivates with its vibrant approach to the jazz genre, and its subtle nuances towards trip-hop. It is Blues, blended together with the chilled atmosphere of a rainy night.

mUmbo is relatively new but they’ve already released a full album, ‘I Fly With Swallows’ which received very good reviews in 2021. Created by Doug MacGowan and Emma Semple, this duo formed in 2020 at the beginnings of the lockdown is currently aiming to form a full band to play live.

We’ve written so much music during this time, and plan to keep regularly releasing songs over the coming year. As a band, we feel we have out own sound, but we like to have variety in our work. There’s no formula for writing. Songs and ideas can come from anywhere; personal experience, as well as what you might call ‘character songs’; vignettes and observations of life that find they have a voice and a story that wants to be told.


Their influences encompass a diverse range of genres which include shoegaze, beats, folk, blues, rock and ambient. Also, some of their favorite bands are Stars of the Lid, Widowspeak, Mazzy Star, Goldfrapp, Little Feat and Ry Cooder.

There’s a sense of intimacy in the single, with lyrics that hit both personally and in a wider context. It’s a song that takes a bird’s eye view over us as human beings, staying positive with the notion that we can always cut through the fog.

Creativity is a beautiful thing and you're very fortunate if you get to express that in whatever way in your life.”

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