Charlie Freeman – “Love”

This UK artist celebrates love in all its forms with a vibrant Rock album that captivates with a vintage 70’s Rock and Roll style mixed with Britpop and a good dose of Americana. “Love” is exceptional from start to end, and a worthy offering to the most important feeling we have.

Charlie Freeman, a singer-songwriter based in London has been around for a while now. Since his debut album release, “Truth” in 2018, the musician has garnered a decent amount of plays on Spotify and a good base of followers that span everywhere from the UK, to Colombia, Argentina, and Ecuador.

Freeman loves writing songs, and his voice has noticeable influences from artists/bands like Oasis, or even Bruce Springsteen. He performs with a full band, and the anthemic sound that he and his band deliver is one that can give you the chills if you listen with an open heart.

The album “Love” is all about celebrating the feeling in all of its forms: self-love, love for a partner, a friend, love for the world… It is an upbeat collection of tracks with hints of melancholy, but powerful enough to make us reflect both inwards and outwards.

For me, Love is a fascinating subject. As a spiritual journeyman I am seeking the truth of infinite potential, beyond the veil, beyond the matrix. I feel that here lies the purest and most real form of love … unconditional, infinite, pure consciousness. In my day to day, I do my best to practice acceptance, To observe and not judge, to feel sensations without adding meaning or story. My intention is to collapse the erroneous belief systems that form the construct of my egoic mind. I practice love as much as I can ! Be love, sing love, make love” – Charlie Freeman

The opening track “Freedom” is a beautiful start for the album that presents a polished and professional sound. The guitar work, the melodies, the recording and Charlie’s vocals are top-notch. Brilliantly produced and with a musicality that touches both the mind and heart.

Tracks like “London Nights” and “Maybe It’s Me” continue to garnish the album with a fabulous upbeat and the anthemic sound that very much defines the artist. “Get Me Started” delivers the funky groove and “Let There Be Love” is a powerful Arena-Rock styled track that invites us to sing out passionately and with our hands in our hearts.

You can expect a journey through all aspects of Love.. self love, love for another, global love. Some melancholia, some warnings about the darker side of love and lust but mainly an upbeat confection celebrating Love and alluring to the power of true love, consciousness and infinite potential.” – Charlie Freeman

The artwork on the album cover – like the debut album and this years Freedom record – is done by Freeman himself as part of his love for abstract art and painting . Everyone is invited to an exhibition and gig on the 21st October at J/M Gallery Portobello Road to kick start the October / November UK tour.

The album was recorded in two sessions in Wales, first at Maltbarn and then at Foel Studios.

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