Elizabeth Luka “Why Won’t You”

Looking around hearing the horrible news pouring in especially in the last couple of years, the world doesn’t seem to have become a better place. In fact, what’s happening in Ukraine suggests there hasn’t been any improvement at all. For a young person like Elizabeth Luka, the world as it’s happening is leaving quite deep wounds in the soul. But goodness fights back, and while people fight for their country, others aid them in all possible ways. So does Elizabeth’s newest single “Why Won’t You“, which the young Latvian singer has dedicated to people of Ukraine.

The strong and emotional “Why Won’t You” doesn’t hesitate to speak out what’s on the mind. It’s a collaborative effort between Elizabeth Luka and her classmate and best friend Patrick Tabaks, a young producer and songwriter. The song came to be as a half-joke request from Luka asking his friend to write a song reflecting her disappointment in injustice that governments and power institutions push onto people. Patrick’s evocative lyric-writing and production combined with Luka’s beautiful emotional voice has created a song of unfiltered harsh honesty in the words coated with sadness and sorrow from seeing everything going so far.

The song sparkles with gentle instrumental side that complements Luka’s voice with grace. The dynamic shifts provide with fresh changing energy, with the first half of the song holding a quiet almost tear-soaked line mainly accompanied by piano, followed by more rebellious and determined beat-driven part. The strength, sheer emotion and power behind her singing voice doesn’t even hint that the singer is only 17 – instead it feels like this song has been produced by experienced people who have been on the scene for 20 years, it’s just such a beautifully done track.

Both Patrick and Luka are very musically creative people. Elizabeth Luka was brought up in a musical family, developing love for dancing and singing early on. She soon took on the stage partaking in young vocalist competitions and released her first album when she was 10. Curious and inspired, her passion for music is clear: “Music is my whole life – it’s a way for me to express my emotions – to hurt, heal, bring joy, love and feel.” Patrick, who similarly found his passion as a little kid, has grown up to become a busy singer, producer and songwriter keen on collaborating with other artists.

The two friends have also taken the stage together, performing in a Latvian musical called “Kaupens Mans Milais”, previously partaking in a gospel choir and singing together on a ballad “Lost My Mind“. With such busy energy and passion driving them onwards, both Elizabeth Luka and Patrick Tabaks are on the road to great things!

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