Kaiyra “Overnight”

A love story brought to its end. Whether it’s a consensual decision where both sides feel it’s the best course onwards, or a one-sided decision, both hurt like hell. The breakup despair is perhaps one of the most relatable feelings out there. For Kaiyra, the London-based pop singer, her own breakup ended up as story for her debut release, a powerful track called “Overnight“.

The single comes heavy with feelings, but instead of dragging you down into the tear-soaked mud, “Overnight” is the kind of track that soars fully energized and carrying huge amounts of power. The chorus feels like a cry out for the lost love whereas the quieter parts of the song reflect on the memories and emotional mess within. The overlay of retro on both the song and the accompanying video offers a nostalgic and pretty warm atmosphere, surrounding the artist’s happy memories which further underline the pain of breaking apart. All in all, “Overnight” is a song of choice to go and let the pain flow out of you. The dancy synth-laden beat says discotheque and good friends to me, and that’s where we’re going.

“The track talks about a breakup but I’ve narrated it like it was a happy story. Me and my ex decided to end things, together and at that time we both knew this was going to happen, from this the first line of the song: “it’s almost time to say our goodbyes”.”


“Overnight” was a strong blast to kickstart an artist career for sure. It’s also just the beginning for Kayra, an unstoppable force. When asked what she will be up to in the coming months, the artist opened a little window to her busy life:

“I am always working on new beats and at the moment I have 4 new singles that are on-going. I already shot the music video for my new track, which will be out in the next 2 months. But no spoilers yet ahah.”


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